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College Mentoring Program

College Mentoring Program


The College Mentoring Program is an intensive program to prepare our students for the top colleges with the most financial aid opportunities available. Despite our students having an 100% acceptance rate to 4-year colleges we are always working to achieve new goals. We want more of our students to go to better colleges and receive more scholarships to fund their educational expenses. This can only be achieved through rigorous coursework & by addressing all aspects of the students.

Based on our experiences and the admission policies of those top colleges we designed this program to meet specific needs: outstanding academic skills, a great personality, multiple talents in extracurricular activities, and a never-ending curiosity towards knowledge.
Through this program we aim at guiding our performing students to realize their full potential and become eligible for top colleges. CMP mainly focuses on academic excellence and personal development. To this end we have combined multiple disciplines and enriching activities into one package with a dynamic curriculum. Just imagine how much value CMP can add to a graduation resume!

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